Return on Message (ROM)

As with any new media, a major challenge is what to measure, and how to measure it, to ensure your network will perform to your expectations.  Return on Message™ or “ROM” is a systematic methodology and approach that answers the fundamental question of how to effectively measure and improve the impact of digital signage.  Using the ‘ROM Methodology’, brands, retailers, ad agencies and corporate communication teams can now easily define and implement a content strategy that increases the success of any digital signage network. 


Return on Message Index

ROM is a cross discipline methodology combined with sophisticated real world market information and analysis.  The result is a report that actually measures the impact of the messaging on the audience and shows pathways to improvement. ROM utilizes a seven-vector methodology that is based on the independent Digital Signage Association’s Best Practices. The ROM index profiles more than 70 complex variables and helps focus the core critical elements for message success. The ROM Report offers alignment solutions and insights from the data gathered. In the case of Pilot Programs, ROM shows the critical differential between the Status Quo pre-pilot and the overall effectiveness post-pilot.