Our training programs help to align and empower employees to transform your company into a “digitally empowered organization”. MediaServices provides programs to teach those responsible for content, and media professionals, the skills to create and optimize media specialized for digital signage.  We also offer training for internal teams on the use of our products and assistance in getting up to speed quickly. 

MediaServices training makes it possible to create digital content campaigns by streamlining and consolidating complex and disparate teams, workflows, agencies and other contributors via the level playing field provided by the MediaCast portal.

Basic Skills – This program teaches Best Practices and how to manage content.  In an online or on-site class, you learn to assemble signage elements, create presentations, and run them on the displays.

Advanced Skills – A comprehensive Digital Signage Skills training program was developed and implemented by our expert team to do advanced work for those who are already inside Agencies or producing content for out of home. The three key competency areas are:

  • Innovation – Empowering experienced users to progressively participate in a virtuous circle of improvement and innovation.
  • Navigation – Mastering content creation, portal management and playlist development.
  • Participation – Helping users master the technology collaboratively, aligning departments and outside sources into a cohesive workflow.