MediaCast - Delivers the “Personal Advantage”

Our MediaCast Systems provide an in-the-cloud solution, enabling you to easily manage and control your interactive digital signage network while providing a unique “personal advantage.”  The MediaCast family of products includes two distinct cloud-based offerings that work together seamlessly to deliver breakthrough levels of viewer engagement.  

Personal EngagementBoth MediaCast Video Presence and the MediaCast Content Management System deliver its own unique “personal advantage. ”  The “personal advantage” ensures that your digital communications network can deliver maximum viewer relevance and engagement through a highly intelligent and easy-to-use cloud-based solution.

MediaCast CMS (content management system) enables you to control and manage a display network of a few screens, or hundreds, all with a few simple mouse clicks.  MediaCast Video Presence takes customer service to a whole new level with innovative viewer engagement and remote personal service capabilities.   Combined with our CMS system, MediaCast Video Presence delivers a breakthrough in customer service and relationship management through an intelligent video call-routing system.  Viewers can talk directly to an on-demand expert “in the cloud” through a live, 2-way, face-to-face conversation.