SaaS  (Software as a Service)

SaaS is a well established service model where customers enjoy the benefits of the continually updated software features but have no need to take on any of the responsibilities.

Our SaaS MediaCast solution means:

• No software to purchase, install, or update
• No infrastructure to procure, configure, or maintain
• No additional personnel to setup, manage, or monitor
• A worry-free policy that the network is up!

It is a common oversight for a company wishing to maintain “control” over their own infrastructure to think that they can simply purchase a server, install a software package, and be good to go. They may be good to go that week, but what happens during a sustained power outage? How about if a hard drive is lost? What if “someone” loses the password? When it comes to mission-critical infrastructure, the MediaCast SaaS model eliminates more than a few headaches and eases the process of procurement, deployment, and management of digital signage networks, saving a bundle in operational expenses.