Cellular Digital Signage

Cellular Digital Signage

The world’s first provider of Cellular Digital Signage™

In 2004, MediaTile released the world's first cellular-based digital signage network solution. This resulted in a breakthrough in the digital signage industry and eliminated the number one barrier to digital signage adoption: the costly and complex on-site IT infrastructure, management and support necessary to deliver messages and manage displays. Today, MediaTile is the world leading provider of these cellular networks and all-in-one solutions.

MediaTile integrates 3G cellular broadband internet support into each display and media player. The core technology to support this capability is provided though our partnerships with leading telecommunication companies including Sprint, Verizon Wireless, AT&T among leading providers around the globe.  With MediaTile’s cellular digital signage you can:

  • Speed your deployments and realize faster return on investment
  • Improve security by separating mission-critical networks from signage networks
  • Eliminate the cost of adding satellite, dsl or wi-fi networks at each location
  • Easily move all-in-one displays from one location to another
  • Eliminate the IT management costs and complexities of maintaining an on-site IP network
  • Setup your devices simply by plugging them to a power receptacle
  • Be assured of your future with upcoming 4G networked solutions

MediaTile customers report that they achieve Return on Investment (ROI), and Return on Objective (ROO) goals faster and at a lower cost of ownership. In a 2008 independent industry analyst report from Frost & Sullivan, MediaTile customers with all-in-one, cellular-based digital signage solutions went on record saying they deployed in about ½ the time and at ½ the cost of traditionally networked systems. This critical business advantage, combined with the ease and flexibility of our web-based Mediacast content delivery and management system earned MediaTile the prestigious Digital Signage Technology of the Year Award.