Corp Comm

Corporate Communications

Successful internal communications is vital to your business.  You need a means for directly connecting with your employees, training them, and keeping them up-to-date about your product offerings and corporate news.

"The beauty of the MediaTile system is that it allows us to supply real time, useful information to our employees using state-of-the-art technology." 
         -John Gallo, VP, Business Operations for Rolls-Royce Corporation

pdf Corporate Communications Solution

Rolls-Royce DeploymentDigital signage is the perfect mechanism for communications in every business.  Digital signs can be updated instantly with content created and controlled by you.  Company alerts can be scheduled to announce office closing or special events.  Digital signs are also a great mechanism for training employees.  Distribute your networks across lobbies, break rooms, across office locations, across country locations.  Customize your programming to support employees regionally.

You control your communications strategy; digital signage helps you faciliate your message efficiently and with maximum impact.