Retail EnvironmentsDigital Signage for Retail

In-store Digital Signage grabs your customers’ attention and influences their purchase decisions – instantly.  With digital signs (unlike with traditional paper signage) you have the ability to update your promotions on the spot, target changing shopper demographics, and focus your advertising dollars on a captive audience- in your store.

"We are confident in our selection of MediaTile as part of Incredible Connection’s mission to create the ultimate high-tech shopping emporium in the Southern African market space."
                                         -Victor da Silva, Executive, Incredible Connection.

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Retailers can even enjoy the benefits of additional revenue by selling digital ad space to their suppliers and brands.

Cellular digital signage requires no infrastructure, no additional IT, and brings you proven ROI at a fraction of the cost of traditional networks.  Modernize your image, uplift your sales and save money with digital signs.